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PiP Breast Implant Scotland Campaign group

About us

We, like you, are women who have been affected by the PIP implants scandal.

Trisha Trisha Devine, a 34-year-old working mum of one from Bannockburn, has been involved with the group from the start.

She was one of several women who decided to set up the PIP Implants Scotland campaign after trying to find information and support about the issue in Scotland, and failing. There wasn't any information out there.


We started off the Facebook campaign in January 2012 and have been astonished at the level of interest. We had to get more help once membership of the group increased to more than 100.

Jenny Jenny Brown, a 41 year old, working mother of four from Edinburgh has now also joined the campaign group and Jenny and Trish act as administrators for the site.

We all hope that the campaign, the Facebook group and this website will provide some of the help and support that was lacking in Scotland, when the scandal broke.


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