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Pip Breast Implant Issues

The Campaign

PiP Implants Scotland is campaigning hard for Scottish women affected by PiP breast implants.

Helped by Thompsons Solicitors, we want to make sure:

  • that all PiP victims are treated fairly - at the moment, the treatment you get depends on the clinic you are dealing with. We believe that every clinic should provide the same treatment to all women.

  • that all PiP victims receive the justice they deserve - compensation to cover the costs and the pain and suffering involved in dealing with the problem.

  • that a register of implants is created, to help in the future.

  • that there is a full public inquiry into the affair.

We raised these points with Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, when we met her in February 2012. No public inquiry has been ordered yet, but discussions will continue after a Government review reports its findings in March.

To find out more, or to join our campaign, check out our PiP Implants Scotland FaceBook page.

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