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What to do

If you have PiP breast implants, or are worried that you might have them, there are a number of things you should do:

  • Determine whether you do have PiP implants. You can find this out from your medical notes, which your GP or clinic will have. The NHS or your private clinic should contact you directly if you’re affected.
  • Speak to doctor or surgeon without delay. If you had your PiP implants on the NHS, you should speak to your specialist or GP. If you had them done privately, you should speak to your clinic.
  • We recommend that you request a scan from your doctor or surgeon. This is because some women have been found to have ruptured breast implants, even though they have shown no symptoms. A scan will help to confirm whether or not a rupture has occurred.
  • Speak to your doctor or surgeon about what to do next.
  • For those who decide with their doctor that they want to have their implants replaced, the NHS will do it for free if the original operation was done on the NHS. However, if the original operation was performed in a private clinic you will need to speak to your clinic to see if they will replace them for free.
  • If a private clinic no longer exists or refuses to carry out the breast implant removal, rest assured, The Department of Health has made a promise that the NHS "will take care of women with PIP implants by removing them free of charge regardless of whether they were fitted on the NHS or privately".
  • However, the NHS in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will not replace PiP implants that were performed in private clinics; the situation is different in Wales.
  • We also recommend that you speak to a solicitor, to find out whether you are entitled to compensation.
  • If you have any anxiety regarding your PiP implants, it may be in your interests to talk to your GP regarding the possibilities of talking therapies (treating psychological disorders or emotional difficulties by talking to a therapist or counsellor).

Don't forget - if you are in need of moral support, you can always get in touch with members of the PiP Implants Scotland group, through our FaceBook page.

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